UPS Line-interactive, on-line, modular and Hybrid


UPS (uninterruptible power supply) is an electrical device that provides emergency power to the load when the mains power (input power) fails. The protection is instantaneous due to the energy stored in batteries. They are usually used in computer, datacenter, healthcare and telecommunication applications to protect the devices against power disturption. There is three general catégories of UPS : "Offline", "Line-interactive" and "On-line double conversion".

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  • Industrial UPS MultiPlus...

    The MULTI PLUS 10-20 kVA/kW offers the best combination of power availability, energy efficiency and global performance ensuring installation and running cost savings. It is the very latest Aunilec UPS development resulting in a third-generation transformer-free UPS, originally introduced into the market over twenty years ago. This ultimate solution is rated at output power factor 1 and defined as ON LINE double conversion technology in accordance with VFI-SS-111 classification (as set out in standard IEC EN 62040-3). MULTI PLUS is designed and built using state-of-the-art technology and components. It applies the advanced technologies such as DSP (Digital Signal Processor), dual core microprocessor, three-level inverter circuits and resonant control to provide maximum protection to the critical loads with no impact on downstream systems, whilst maintaining optimised energy savings.

  • Self-consumption solar...

    Self-consumption solar inverter AUNISOL series 3600W and 5000W.

    All-in-One hybrid energy storage system