AUNILEC Power Quality for a large luxury hotel in Cameroon

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AUNILEC recently completed the design and construction of a voltage stabilizer with maintenance bypass in a separate cabinet, to be installed in a luxury hotel located in Cameroon.

The multiple devices that contribute to the comfort of the exclusive clientele of this large accommodation structure require a reliable power supply. In order to guarantee the necessary level of reliability for the structure, it was necessary to install a voltage stabilizer, so that it could prevent the occurrence of unexpected failures due to the poor quality of the electricity supplied by the network. Wide compensation range, fast response to rapid voltage variations and stabilization with independent phases for the complete correction of the amplitude variation and voltage asymmetry are the main advantages of this stabilizer.

The electrical distribution of this hotel is structured on two medium voltage - low voltage transformers with a unitary power of 800 KVA. One transformer is dedicated to the HVAC system, the other one is dedicated to all the electrical systems of the accommodation part which can also be supplied by the generator. The stabilizer will be installed to protect all the loads subtended by this transformer and its operation is coordinated with the intervention of the generator and the ATS.



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