UPS Line-interactive, on-line, modular and Hybrid


UPS (uninterruptible power supply) is an electrical device that provides emergency power to the load when the mains power (input power) fails. The protection is instantaneous due to the energy stored in batteries. They are usually used in computer, datacenter, healthcare and telecommunication applications to protect the devices against power disturption. There is three general catégories of UPS : "Offline", "Line-interactive" and "On-line double conversion".

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  • UPS MultiPlus DSP0.9 Hybrid...

    The MultiPlus DSP0.9 Hybrid is simultaneous powered by solar energy, grid and battery. It is the first UPS with “cash back guarentee”. 

    The energy supply

    Hybrid function with scalable Off Grid MPPT controller, UPS, On-line “double conversion” technology (VFI), Controllable input current management, Split / double bypass input, Output power factor 0,9, Up to 8 units in parallel, High efficiency > 94%, Backfeed protection

    The brain

    Controllable energy-mix of different energy sources, Future-proof thanks to Open Source conception, Apps, add-ons, plug-ins, updates and upgrades …, Up to 18 programmable IN/OUT interfaces, Remote diagnosis and remote monitoring, Cost reduction by peak load elimination, Free choice of energy supplier, 100% green electricity

  • UPS Helios 20S 20kVA/18kW...

    For industry and datacenter applications

    The Helios 20S UPS series is the ideal solution for industry, datacenter, IT server and home applications. 

    Long backup time

    Available with external batteries for long backup time.

    Power module

    20kVA/18kW power module (up to 4 cabinets in parallel)

  • UPS Helios STR 19" 10-80kVA...

    Designed for 19" rack cabinet

    The Helios STR is a UPS module for 19" racks and cabinets.

    Independant module

    Each power module is an independant UPS with rectifier, inverter and bypass.

  • UPS Helios modular 6-50kVA...

    Decentralized modular technology

    Aunilec Modular UPS with multiplied components also called decentralized technology is the only possibility to work without the risk of a “single point of failure”. Each UPS module has all, - rectifier, inverter, static bypass switch, back-feed protection, battery fuse and control logic LCD display - to garranty autonomous operation.

    Optimize your investments

    Power consumption and power requirements are constantly changing.  With our Aunilec Modular you can simply increase or decrease the UPS power according to your needs. This is fast and cost effective when you increase the UPS by small steps. During a period of less requirements/power consumption, you simply remove UPS modules to save energy costs.

    Reduce installation and maintenance costs

    The modular UPS reduces space requirements. The maintenance and service parts costs are easy to calculate and extremely transparent: only one module !

  • Hélios Rack 19” 10-40...

    New product !

    The rack modular, scalable, hot-swappable, online double conversion UPS ranging from 10 to 40kVA/KW, with its flexible configuration of 3/3, 3/1 and 1/1, compact structure, is the ideal choice for small and medium data center. 7” color touch screen LCD with integrated bypass.

    Power modules

    1 to 4 power modules can be connected according to the sub rack dimensions.

  • UPS Solar Hybrid Aunisol...

    Working principle

    During normal day operation, the connected load is powered by solar energy. If the solar energy is not strong enough, all missing energy is supplied by the batteries. If both energies are not available, the system automatically switches to normal AC supply or genset.

    What makes the difference ?

    Our VRLA Gel deep cycle batteries are conform to the cycles use test norm IEC61427. The batteries still provide 100% of the full capacity in Ampere-hour (Ah) after 148 cycles.

  • Hybrid UPS AUNISOL 3/5/10 kW

    Hybrid inverter

    During the day, the primary function of the PV installation is to supply the load with Energy. Every excess will be stored in the batteries or/and re-injected into the Grid. These functions are configurable.

    Energy storage

    During weak PV production or at night, the energy stored in the batteries supplies the load or can be re-injected into the Grid. The different discharge parameters are configurable

    Blackout protection / Offgrid

    The integrated Line-interactive UPS guarentee 100% energy supply in case of a power failure. The output power is 3kW for AUNISOL3+G (single phase), 5kW for AUNISOL5+G (single phase) and 10kW for AUNISOL10T+G (three-phase). The AUNISOL series can also work as an Off Grid installation.

  • Industrial UPS Série OP...

    OP series - on-line double conversion

    The OP series consists of UPS 5000 VA to 10000 VA. The technology, On-Line Double Conversion, is able to guarantee a constant supply of private and any electrical interference, both in the presence or absence of voltage with the help of the battery. The management software allows monitoring, programming and supervision of the proper operation of powered devices. UPS OP series are particularly suitable for powering computer system networks (industrial automation, telecommunications ...). The study of the battery also drew our attention because it is one of the most fundamental parts of the UPS. Indeed, we have developed an innovative charging system ABM (Advanced Battery Management) which increases the lifetime of the battery and optimizing recharge time (3-level charging technology).

  • Industrial UPS MultiPlus...

    Static uninterruptible power supplies for IT

    The Multi Plus series is ideal for the protection of IT systems, telecommunication systems, IT networks and critical systems in general, where the risks associated with poor power supply may affect the business and service continuity, at a very high costs for the concerned operators. The Multi Plus series includes 10-12-15-20 kVA models with three- and one-phase input and one-phase output, as well as 10-12-15- 20-30-40-60-80-100-125-160-200 kVA models with three-phase input and output, with double conversion Line technology according to the VFI-SS-111 classification, as defined by the IEC EN 62040-3 standard. Multi Plus : designed and manufactured with state-of-the-art-technologies and components, controlled by the DSP (Digital Signal Processor) microprocessor, ensures maximum protection for the powered equipment, no impact on the power supply line and energy savings.The great design flexibility allows to achieve full compatibility with both three- and one-phase power supply, thus getting rid of any issues associated with the connection of the UPS to the system.They may operate in emergency power supply mode.

  • Industrial UPS VEGA

    Optimal protection with highest efficiency

    Aunilec VEGA Series UPS is the top line in the power quality solutions for mission critical applications, including datacenters, industrial processes, building and medical emergency systems. From scalability to redundancy, from user-friendliness to maintainability, from parallel to connectivity, and from investment protection to lower cost of ownership, whichever value you need, VEGA provides industry leading efficiency.

    In fact has been carefully designed to deliver maximum Return On Investment (ROI) and MTBF ,with the quickest Mean Time To Repair (MTTR). VEGA is an online double conversion UPS (VFI SS 111 – IEC EN 62040-3) with isolated inverter.

    The VEGA Series range includes three-phase input and single-phase output versions from 10 to 100kVA with 6-Pulse thyristor rectifier (optional 12-Pulse for 60-80kVA) with and without optional input filter for harmonics-less distortion; from 10 to 200kVA three-phase input and output with 6-Pulse thyristor rectifier; from 100 to 600kVA three-phase input and output versions HP with IGBT Power Factor Correction rectifier.

  • Industrial system DPS

    Absolute reliability and performance

    To ensure its compatibility with the most demanding applications, the Aunilec DPS system can withstand a high short-circuit current, in order to guarantee the selectivity of the downstream protections. The fully DIGITAL microprocessor logic controls the power conversion, supervises operation, supports the system and modifies the parameters in case of component failure to assure power supply to the load. 

    If the load is highly distorted, the high frequency switching and the DPS loops support the system by keeping THD low. The Aunilec digital UPS units are fitted with a modern IGBT technology and a PWM modulation allowing to obtain a pure sinusoid output wave as required by the strictest standards contained in IEC EN 62040 class VFI-SS-III. 

    Ventilation may be redundant, allowing to keep a rated output load only using one half of the fans. The air flow sensors detect the ventilation drop and immediately trigger an alarm, allowing to replace the damaged fan. 

  • Digital inverter 1Ph or 3Ph...

    One and three-phase range with IGBT

    The AUNILEC INV series offers a range of one- and three-phase inverters with IGBT power conversion bridge. 

    The system has been designed to continuously supply extra-low harmonics AC current to critical loads. The integrated static switch can automatically perform quick switching operations on the DC line, in case of black-out only, to substantially increase the global efficiency; it can also perform an ON-LINE conversion, in which the wave form is always generated by the inverter, thus ensuring a stable, undistorted waveform. 

    In this case the load is switched to the emergency line only in case of inverter failure. The fast control system and the high-frequency PWM technology allow to connect the inverter to non-linear loads with a very low waveform distortion. The graphical display allows to show an easy to understand one-line diagram displaying the current status of the inverter and of the static switch, thus providing an accurate overview of the alarms and measurements. 

  • Industrial UPS VEGA HE

    HE - High Efficiency

    VEGA HE series is available from 100 to 800 kVA. The UPS features a new on-line double-conversion technology utilising IGBT and DSP (Digital Signal Processor) control to provide maximum protection, power quality and green energy for any type of application including datacentres, disaster recover sites, telecoms rooms, industrial processes and security applications.

    High efficiency stands for higher active power available if compared with legacy UPS thanks to output unitary power factor (up to +25% if compared unity with same UPS at p.f. 0,8). 

    Nominal power is granted with no downgrading independently from operating temperature in the range 10÷40°C. Furthermore, control circuits and specifically designed firmware grant outstanding online double conversion efficiency up to 95,5%, comparable with the best transformeless UPS available on the market.

  • Industrial modular UPS...

    The HELIOS_MPW is the ultimate modular UPS for DATA CENTRES and other CRITICAL LOADs. The HELIOS_MPW is designed to protect any critical high-density computer and IT environment, whilst achieving maximum availability. The HELIOS_MPW grows along with the demands of the business without over-sizing the UPS - optimizing both the initial investment and the Total Cost of Ownership. As soon as demand increases, the HELIOS_MPW modular solution can expand its power capability, maintaining the highest levels of power protection, availability, redundancy and investment savings. 

  • DIN Rail UPS 500 and 850VA

    The Aunilec din rail UPS is a smart, compact and reliable power supply with industry leading design and wide range operation temperature.